Algerian President emphasized not giving up discussion of national memory file with France

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune stated that they will not take a step back in dealing with the memory file regarding the crimes committed by France during the colonial period.

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According to the statement made on the presidency’s social media, Tebboune issued a message to the Algerian people on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of Algeria’s liberation from France on July 5, 1962.

Tebboune noted that issues of national memory will be addressed in a way that respects and protects Algeria’s rights in the face of the terrible tragedies and crimes committed during colonial times.

Emphasizing that the “hateful” French colony used the strongest and greatest weapons of massacre, torture, and destruction against his country, Tebboune stated that the issues related to national memory would be handled with a deep vision and they would not give up on the issue.

President Tebboune reiterated his demand for France to apologize for the crimes committed during the colonial period, defined to be between 1830 and 1962, in a statement on the occasion of National Memory Day, which was adopted last year and coincided with the 76th anniversary of the events of May 8, 1945.

Algeria, which holds various examples of crimes committed in France’s colonial history on the African continent, started its struggle for independence in 1954.

During the 8-year struggle for independence, approximately 1.5 million Algerians lost their lives and millions of people were displaced due to French colonialism.

It is stated that France conducted at least 17 nuclear tests, 4 of which were above ground and 13 of which were underground, in the Algerian Desert between 1960 and 1966.

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