Algeria summons French ambassador in reaction to decision to limit visas

Algeria reacted to the decision by calling the French Ambassador to Algeria to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because it imposed visa restrictions on its citizens.

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According to a written statement made by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French Ambassador to Algeria, François Gouyette, was summoned to the Ministry and the reaction of the Algerian administration regarding the “unilateral” visa restriction of Paris for Algerian citizens was conveyed.

In the statement concerned, it was expressed that the Undersecretary of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shekib Kaid, in his meeting with the French Ambassador, said that “the way this decision, which was taken without consultation with the Algerian side, was covered in the press, raises questions about the purpose of the decision and how it will be implemented.”

The French government announced yesterday that it will significantly reduce the number of visas provided to Algerian, Moroccan, and Tunisian citizens on the grounds that it is reluctant to readmit its citizens who have reached the country illegally.

The Paris administration accused these countries of not providing the necessary permits during the extradition of their citizens who entered the country illegally.

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