Algeria grapples with wildfires causing four deaths, injuring three

It was announced that four people lost their lives and three people were injured in forest fires that occurred at 31 different points in 14 different states across Algeria.

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Forest fires occurred at 31 different points in 14 different states across Algeria. According to civil protection sources, four people were killed and three have been injured in forest fires in the Tizi Ouzou and Setif provinces on Monday evening.

It was stated that the fires were intervened by air and land, while Tizi Ouzou province was reported to be the region most affected by the fires. It was learned that local people were evacuated to safe areas due to the flames approaching settlements at some points. The cause of the fires is not yet known.

The fires occurred in the middle of a scorching summer marked by scarcity of water. The most important dam in the region, that of Taksebt, is practically dry. Weather services forecast a temperature of 42 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday, in the region. It is reported that 30 fires have been recorded, spread by a strong wind which complicates the task of rescuers.

Reinforcements were dispatched to many cities and firefighting helicopters were mobilized. Several bodies are involved in the extraction and evacuation operations, including civil protection, forests, army, national gendarmerie, municipalities, hunters, and many citizens.

Likewise, a fire broke out in the Nador Forest in the city of Bizerte in northern Tunisia. Bizerte Civil Protection Manager Kamel Melliti said that the fire broke out at 22:00 local time, right after a severe storm, at a point not far from residential areas.

Stating that the flames destroyed a large, wooded area and plants, Melliti said that many fire trucks were sent to the scene. Melliti stated that firefighting operations in the Nador Forest require double efforts due to its geographical location and noted that efforts to control the fire could take hours.

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