Algeria cancels the accreditation of France 24 channel

Algerian Information Minister Belhimer announced that the accreditation of the France 24 television channel was revoked due to its open hostility to the country in its editorial work.

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Speaking to the Algerian official television channel, Information Minister Ammar Belhimer said that the decision to cancel the accreditation of the France 24 television channel was taken due to open and repeated hostility towards the country and its institutions.

Belhimer, who stated that the French television channel France 24 was openly hostile towards Algeria in its editorial work, announced that the accreditation of the channel was canceled.

Minister Belhimer, who also serves as the Algerian Government Spokesperson, defined the reason for the decision as “France 24’s disrespect for professional ethics, disinformation, manipulations in the media, and its definite hostility towards Algeria.”

The Algerian Ministry of Information made a statement last March that the France 24 channel was “for the last time warned” for being openly biased in reporting on the marches in Algeria.

Belhimer, in a series of statements he made in recent months, drew attention to the fact that the French media was hostile to his country and interfered in its internal affairs.

In March 2020, Belhimer had warned the channel for its provocative and unprofessional activities against the country and the former Ambassador of France to Algeria, Xavier Driencourt, was summoned to the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs because a researcher spoke on the Franca 24 channel against the Algerian government in the fight against COVID-19.

The relations between Algeria and France are going through a difficult period, especially due to the files related to the national memory of Algeria dating back to the French colonial period.

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