Al-Qaeda attacks military post in Yemen leaving at least 12 deaths

Security sources who witnessed the incident stated that attackers used hand grenades and automatic rifles in the assault targeting the military post located in Abyan province.

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It has been reported that al-Qaeda organized an attack on a military post locating in Abyan Province in southern Yemen in the early hours of Thursday. According to initial findings, at least 12 people, including nine soldiers from the UAE-backed forces were found dead due to the attack. According to a security source who spoke to Anadolu Agency on the condition of anonymity, soldiers who were dead in the incident were members of the UAE-backed Security Belt Forces. The al-Qaeda attack targeted the security checkpoint located in Ahwar town, the source added.

The source also stated that hand grenades and machine guns were used in the attack. A health care worker, on the other hand, notified that three civilians lost their lives in the attack, too.

It is observed that many facilities belonging to the military, including headquarters and checkpoints, in Abyan have frequently been targeted by attacks that are conducted by groups that are thought to be affiliated with al-Qaeda. The group, also known as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has attracted attention for being active in the highland regions close to the districts of Ahwar and Al-Mahfad located in eastern Zinjibar city, the provincial capital.

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