Al-Menfi evaluates latest situation of electricity grids in Libya with GECOL officials

Mohamed al-Menfi and GECOL President Wiam Al-Abdali held talks to strengthen the electricity grid in Libyan cities.

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During meetings held on Sunday between Libyan Presidential Council Chairperson Mohamed al-Menfi and General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) Chairperson Wiam al-Abdali, the increase of the generation capacity of GECOL and the strengthening of energy supply in the country were discussed.

The parties exchanged views on the rehabilitation of power plants in the west and east of the country, the continuation of unfinished projects and the completion of necessary maintenance works. Al-Menfi stated that GECOL should take quick measures to strengthen the country’s electricity grid and that emergency action plans should be developed for emergency situations.

Energy supply, which is a very important issue in Libya’s restructuring process, is interpreted as the driving force of many different sectors. The daily electricity cut in the capital Tripoli is reported to be 8 hours a day.

The General Electric Company of Libya (GECOL) announced that the power plant in Tripoli, whose construction is still ongoing in collaboration with the Turkish ENKA and German Siemens companies, will be operational as of next year. GECOL officials stated that the project would be very beneficial in order to eliminate the electricity shortage in the country and the capital, and reduce some of the daily cuts.

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