Al-Kadhimi supervises Ibn Al-Khatib accident investigation committee

The investigation continues as dozens are left dead by a fire that split through Baghdad’s COVID-19 hospital.

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On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed that the investigation team into the Ibn Al-Khatib hospital fire is working around the clock and with personal supervision.

Al-Kadhimi said during the cabinet session, according to a statement from his media office, that he “is awaiting the report of the investigation team at the date that has been set, and its results will be fully approved.”.

Almost 82 people have died and several others were wounded in a fire that emerged in the COVID-19 intensive care unit of a Baghdad hospital as calls grew for the prosecution of high-level Iraqi officials. On Sunday, the fire at the Ibn al-Khatib Hospital in the Iraqi capital was flashed by a mishap that caused an oxygen tank to blast, according to medics.

Iraqi security forces closed the burned Ibn Al-Khatib hospital in Baghdad on Sunday, as forensic and investigative teams investigated for the cause of an oxygen tank bursting in an intensive care unit for COVID-19 patients.

Portions of the walls and windows of the second floor were slandered by grime from the blaze that followed the blast. The blaze killed at least 82 people and injured 110.  Externally, survivors and witnesses were haunted by flashbacks to Saturday night’s events.

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