Agreement is on verge, Rouhani says

Expressing his pleasure for the point that has been reached in the negotiations, the Iranian president emphasized that there are still other issues that must be solved before full implementation of the nuclear deal.

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated that the parties had reached an agreement to lift the fundamental sanctions on Tehran. However, there are still other issues that must be solved prior to a return to the nuclear deal, Rouhani added. The Iranian President also highlighted that all sanctions must be lifted, and the decision must be taken unanimously.

In his statement, Rouhani said, “The sanctions could have been lifted, but it should have been done unanimously, and we are the ones who requested the full lifting of the sanctions and in the form of steps.”

Last Wednesday, some statements affirming that the parties had reached an agreement on fundamental issues during the negotiations ongoing in Vienna to revive the nuclear deal came from the Iranian officials. They also called the United States to take the first step to lift sanctions imposed on Tehran.

Speaking to the Iranian media, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic and head of the negotiation team in Vienna, Abbas Araghchi, highlighted that there is a determination, shared by all the joint committee members in Vienna, to successfully conclude the negotiations.

“What I saw today in the first meeting of the joint committee, made within the scope of the fifth round of negotiations was a real intention on all participators’ part to reach a result,” he added.

Confirming the progress that has been reached during the talks, Araghchi also reiterated that some major issues are still waiting to be solved.

Iran and the remaining parties of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) have held series of meetings to revive the 2015 nuclear deal since early April. The talks aim to ensure the US’ return to the nuclear accord, lifting the sanctions that were started to be reimposed by former US President Donald Trump when he pulled the US unilaterally from the agreement, and guarantee the signatory parties’ commitment to the agreement.

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