25 Palestinians confined by the Israeli Armed Forces in the occupied West Bank

It has been reported that there are also minors among the detainees who come from different provinces of the occupied West Bank.

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On Thursday, the Israeli Armed Forces confined 25 Palestinians in the West Bank, a Palestinian NGO stated.

The Palestinian Detainees Society stated in a press release that the detainment of the Palestinians occurred at dawn. Based on the statement, the prisoners are from various districts of the West Bank.

It is known that the Israeli Armed Forces regularly conduct broad-based arrest operations throughout the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, under the pretense of looking for “wanted” Palestinians.

According to official Palestinian statistics, there are approximately 4,400 Palestinian detainees in Israeli detainment facilities, including 40 women. Also, the number of child prisoners has reached almost 170, while administrative detainees are almost 380.

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