105 pro-Haftar prisoners are liberated by Libyan authorities

More than 100 pro-Haftar fighters were freed by Libyan authorities.

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More than 100 prisoners linked with the camp of warlord Khalifa Haftar were released by the new authorities of Libya, as part of the UN-backed peace process.

The new Libyan administration took office a while ago, after elections were held by the UN-backed Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, aiming to cease the fragmented administrative structure of the country.

Prioritising reconciliation, the newly-formed government released the prisoners on Wednesday after a ceremony in Zawiya. The prisoners were accused of joining Haftar’s campaign to take over Tripoli, yet are believed to have surrendered peacefully. The vice president of the novel Presidency Council Abdallah al-Lafi underlined in his speech that this step is taken for the benefit of the entire nation, and will contribute to its reconciliation as well as its reconstruction.

It is believed by some that the liberation of the prisoners is a symbol of goodwill, which will prepare the peaceful base for the elections, planned to be held in December.

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